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Lifespan Research Inc. 

Lifespan Research Inc. is committed to working across the value chain from producers to processor while adhering to a patented controlled process. 

At Lifespan Research Inc. we understand a few things about what it takes for people to regain control over their lives. We know for example that isn't just our physical health but our overall mental well being as well. We all want to live better and longer.

Lifespan Research Inc. strives to bring you the best that the natural world has to offer without breaking the bank. CBDt fits the bill.

CBDt contains 100% of the beneficial bioactive components of hemp including minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. But it's more than that! Our patent applications and legal opinions put Lifespan in a class of its own. Being exempt from the Cannabis Act, means food and beverage manufacturers and establishments can Infuse their products and give consumers the CBDt that they are looking for. 

Chief Technology Office - Morris F Johnson  

Morris Johnson CEO has over 20 years of experience in the field of hemp crops and applications. As a result of extensive research development and testing application for Canadian Patents  have been undertaken with final approval pending final filing. Patents make it possible for Lifespan Research Inc to produce Canterpene Bio-Technology (CBDT) to satisfy the enormous demand for this desirable nutraceutical without the costly, onerous, and restrictive requirements imposed on by Canada's Cannabis Act Bill C-45. As a result producers of consumer products of all types including edibles, cosmetics, topicals and consumables can enhance their products through an extension to Lifespan's Industrial Hemp license