What is Lifespan Research?

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Lifespan Research is a grassroots integration of farmers, processors and product developers utilizing a patent protected SMART and LEAN supply chain we call HEMP 2.0 or CANTERPENE™.  The CANTERPENE™, or Canterpene Bioderivative, is then custom compounded for natural health product's requests and guidelines.


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The bin run grain product of harvesting includes all the hemp plant unconditioned grain and is converted with swathers, balers, combines and bale processors.  The product is milled into a uniform and standardized bin run flour which is converted into fermented derivatives.  warehouse-lifespan-research-canterpene-cbd-t.jpg

Fermentation converts HEMP 2.0 CANTERPENE™ hemp cannabinoids into food and food supplement forms which are not regulated as cannabis or under C45 law regulations without the use of any methods such as extraction or concentration used by cannabis processors.  We have our own proprietary process which is compliant with Industrial Hemp regulation constraints.  

Hemp specific small molecule bioactives are conserved through fermentation and only during the processes of digestion are cannabinoids, which are present in the original hemp crop bin run grain, regenerated and absorbed when ingested.  Fermentation also breaks down some complex bioactives into simpler molecules thus making those complex molecules more bioactive.  We term these processes CBDt or CANTERPENE™ Bio Derivative Technology.

We make no unapproved health claims but we do speak to how HEMP 2.0 CANTERPENE™ is anti-aging or pro longevity lifespan which positively targets aging and extends lifespan naturally. 

Aging is not a disease but is indeed the main driver which results in the majority of all diseases. CANTERPENE™ is part of an anti-aging lifestyle which indirectly prevents, treats and cures some diseases via one or more of the 9 different classes of anti-aging biological mechanisms.

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