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Hemp 2.0 CBDt – Canterpene

Anti-aging, Healthful Longevity, Natural Lifespan Extending Custom Compound


Are you looking for a way to boost your food production line's nutritional value?  Canterpene 2.0 is a economical way to increase your food value without breaking the bank. The whole food goodness of the hemp plant! Not just the seeds! Hemp seeds have a nearly perfect balance of omega 3 to omega 6, vitamin E, iron, essential amino acids, an excellent source of plant-based protein. With Canterpene 2.0 you are getting all that and so much more! There really is no limit to the food products that Canterpene 2.0 can be added to, taking your food production's natural health benefits and superfood quality to the next level.  

We have several unique products not duplicated anywhere else available immediately, on demand:

-  Hemp2.0 CBDt /stevia tea or DIY brewing dry premix/kit that results in Industrial Hemp Regulation compliant beverages

-  Fresh and prepared meat hemp 2.0 CBDt Canterpene products.

-  Transdermals based on DMSO and CBDt 

-  CBDt kombucha beverage 

-  Ingredient FML (condensed fermentation liquid) is used for consumption and can be added to foods and beverages of all descriptions

-  Mito Canterpene an anti-aging compound targeted at the mitochondria root cause instead of treating or curing the diseases that are a result of unchecked aging


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Our liquid compounds can be in 500 - 4000 gram bottles, as per clients needs and requirements.

Hemp 2.0 CBDt - Canterpene offers nutritional fortification for fresh and prepared meat products. It is exempt under the C45 Cannabis Act and Regulation.

Lifespan Research custom compounded Natural Health Products utilizing the NHP regulatory EXEMPTION from the requirements of needing an NPN number premarket.

Harvest to derivative bio processing to render free Cannabinoids , specifically THC and THCa levels in the finished goods BELOW the 10 mcg per gram threshold product level required to capture Hemp 2.0 CBDt Canterpene within C45 related scope; No regulatory scope exists to regulate what happens to bioactives after ingestion / consumption namely back conversion of cannabosides and other bio processing artifact bioactives back to their parent molecules, namely free CBD identical in qualitative and quantitative composition as that occurring in the pre harvest crop.

The regulations are clear in that no grading specifications prohibit specific grades or physical characteristics of bin run grain from being converted into milled hemp grain.   And no determination of cannabinoid content “in process“, unlike in the USA , is mandated until the finished derivative is presentable for sale to a consumer.  

Contracts to subscribe to future delivery of bulk supply of Hemp 2.0 CBDt Canterpene from “Condos “ or specific land locations and from specific farmers and processors to be converted to specific Direct to Consumer end products on the orders or instructions of the purchasers. These can be for a month or a year or multi-year supply in an unrestricted quantity.

Our patented, proprietary, trade secret and long standing food and Agrifood specific methods create a quality finished product - unequaled in the industry.

Some co-packers of branded products use our HEMP 2.0 CBDt CANTERPENE™ and we provide access to those as an optional way to take delivery.  


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